Place any good finds or home made accessories here, also if anyone has anything for sale
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I have continued to use the excellent Xiro Xplorer platform to built another Data Logger. This one allows you to capture even More data. I cant get over how cool it is to be able to add to the platform you have provided so easily. Others Drone Mfgs should take note.

The EnviroLogger is a Data Logger for Drones, and is specifically designed for the Xiro Explorer Drone.  This flying data logger/environmental analyzer attaches to your drone and collect valuable data that can enhance the value of your drone for aerial surveys and even to detect harmful chemicals in the air.  
The Enviro logger is jam packed with sensors.  
Date from GPS sensor 
Altitude from GPS sensor 
Location from GPS sensor 
Air Pressure from BMP 185 
Air temperature from BMP185 
Air Quality measurement from MQ 135 
All in a simple turn on and start logging device that has a MicroSD card that will record the data.  
You can analyze the data with any tool you like. The data is stored on the MicroSD card as text and is readable by anything.  We have a easy to use online tool that will allow you to graphically view the data as well located here.  
Arduino Nano 
GPS sensor NEMA 2 
BMP 185 
MQ 135 
MicroSD Card for storage. 
Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included) 

http://my.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyE ... extSelling


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