xplorer V / Shaky video problem

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xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by swilburntx » Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:21 am

Hi all!

Anybody happen to have any thoughts on what might be causing a really shaky video?

I've uploaded a short clip at
The winds are fairly calm, and I've checked the rubber bits on the gimbal and they all seem to be in place. It only started doing this fairly recently.

The camera also seems to have a fisheye effect to it. All of the firmware versions have been updated to the most recent versions available on the website.

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Re: xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by alex » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:47 pm

It apears to be a post problem is this the video straight out of the camera??

I would suggest this is a rolling shutter problem and you might be quite right to say it is firmware bug.

If this is a file that has been edited I would suggest looking at the compiler settings, if not try uploading to vimeo or another site as this could be caused by the conversion at the you tube end,,,,,, hmmm but you did say this is on the raw video?????

Anyone Else??

Cubot X17,Android 5.1
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Xiro Explorer V
Gimbal Version: 50521
Flight Controller Version: 50710
Camera Version: UG330_C_FW-4.9.1_150804_H
XIRO App: V2.1.3

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Re: xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by ChillyCat » Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:14 am

How many flights do you have on your Xiro .......with comparable video ?
And, has anything been changed before you shot that particular flight ? FW ??

You gotta get that fixed. Hopefully [as Alex said] this is a posting issue.

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Re: xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by ddesens » Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:13 am

I was wondering if you got this sorted out? I just sent mine into Xiro today for the same problem. Try another set of props or balance all the ones you have. Just a thought..

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Re: xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by tokepagebang » Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:20 am

The arm motor in gimbal is broken

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Re: xplorer V / Shaky video problem

Post by WhoAmIKidding » Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:43 pm

I recently noticed a similar issue in my Xiro Xplorer V footage. I have been in contact with a rep at the USA Cali location and this could be a result of a few issues.
1. The "jello effect" is common in UAV's. The slightest change in balance causes a vibration which can produce this jello effect. First thing to check is the balance of your propellers. Even brand spankin new props are not always properly balanced. You can either use a fin grit sandpaper/file to remove material from the heavy blade, or you can use the tape method to add weight to the lighter blade. Once the prop is balanced try it out.

2. Have you had any crashes?
A crash can cause more damage than what you can see. If a crash happened that caused the drone to fall on its side or on its top, this could have had an impact on the position or performance of the motors. In this case, no matter how balanced your propellers are if the motor and shaft are not working properly or in the correct position you will get vibrations. And vibrations are not good for video.

Additionally... if you had a crash that impacted the gimbal at all, or any mishandling of the gimbal, you could have caused some damage to the gimbal motors. This could also impact the quality of your video. I have a wearable gimbal for my gopro and had a stupid accident happen. No visible damage was caused, but it did knock a motor just right to cause it to under-perform, which produced the annoying jello effect.

On the bright side, most video editing software either comes with a tool to correct this or has a plugin available.

Best of luck to you! Let me know if you find the root cause.

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