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Xplorer V gimbal parts

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 12:06 am
by jspil72
Hello, to any one that may be interested I have some spare Xplorer V gimbal parts that I do not need. My Xplorer was in a crash and through the warranty got a new gimbal, flight controller,props and battery. Xiro said that something was wrong with the FC and sent a new one. I could find nothing wrong with it and actually did three flights with it before changing to the new one. There was one part broken on the gimbal however. The camera still works as do all of the motors. All of the ribbon cables are also intact. I am going to try to include pictures of all the parts minus the screws which I assure you I do have. In one of the pictures there is a red arrow pointing to the part that was broken in the crash. I was able to supper glue it back together, but do not know if it is solid enough to be reused. I also still have the flight controller if anyone is interested. I am very flexible as far as a price is concerned. I don't need these parts and would like to see them go to someone that needs them and will use them. If you are interested let me know through this site and I will ship them to you. Thanks

Jason Spilis