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Drone lost connenction, new firmeware doesnt help

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:23 pm
by MikePaul
Dear Readers

I now have two Xiro xplorer v's, all two with problems, 1 Xiro has had a crash with a bird and the other Xiro has had a fly away so I suddenly could not control him anymore, and he was scraped in a tree, all 2 they do not want to start the engine in this state because they lose all 2 connections with the controllers when the drone is starting up. With the drone that was flying against a bird it first started with a very bad signal with the controller and then I almost immediately to the take off all GPS signals lost while I always calibrated the drone on a new flight and always increased with at least 8 Gps signals.

I already have upgraded the firmware a several times. Didn't solved my problems!

Is there someone who can help me?