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Closed Captions Demo

Post by TomKnAL » 08 Jan 2016, 09:04

This is a test video that shows closed captions generated by hjlog.tcl using two log files.

The closed captions show :
  • Altitude in meters
  • Heading in degrees
  • Minute:Sec of flight - currently shows the time of the flight, but future versions will support flight time in MM:SS
  • Flight time in seconds. Currently closed captions are generated only for flight so the
    generated captions start at ~7 seconds.
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery %

Currently the following fields can be included in captions.

lat lon heading fmode flttim mRud mAil mEle mThrot xVelX xVelY xVelD
gVelX gVelY shake vibr volt alttgt AIud AIlr DTB gBack gDown gRight ppct mAh
minsec dx dy altm dist


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