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Hello. New guy from Pa

Posted: 11 Mar 2016, 17:19
by Feyotter
Hi everyone. I have had my xplorer for exactly one week and while it's a lot of fun, it is also a little frustrating. Twice now I have gone out to a big field and flown all around it with no problems. The first flight. However, the second always ends with my quickly bringing it back to home because mid flight on the second flight the drone indicator light on the remote turns red, the remote starts vibrating and the rear lights on the drone turn red. After this happened the first time I was told it was a calibration issue and that I had to successfully calibrate every time or this would happen. Well, today I successfully calibrated my Xplorer and the first flight went perfectly. I brought it back to put on the gimbal and camera, started it and a few seconds later the above symptoms happened again. How could it be a calibration issue when the calibration was textbook perfect and the first flight went perfectly as well. Help!