Neil Brisbane, Australia

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Neil Brisbane, Australia

Post by njmcgregor » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:37 am

Hello. Neil J. here from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia.

Recently purchased the Xiro Explorer V just to 'test the air' and to see if I'd enjoy flying drones. With the plan to shoot professional video/photo long term the Xiro has been a lot of fun an very easy to fly it has definitely surpassed my expectations and is quite addictive! I've torn between holding onto the Xiro and upgrading or moving on to the DJI/Maverick etc.

For anyone in Australia worth checking out the Civil Aviation Safety Authority aka CASA website before taking to the skies on where you can and can't fly. They are fantastic and very much in the forefront with adapting the skies to include drones. ( ... -australia)

- Too easy to fly as to is landing
- Intelligent Operation Control is a neat little feature making it very easy to orientate while flying.
- Image quality on on video is quite good!
- height and range is impressive
- gimbal control works nicely

- firmware issues a bit clunky and instructions are totally clear
- Raw Files (unable to even use the .Raw files which is disappointing because i purchased this for photography).
- the compass calibration doesn't always work.
- fisheye lens (terrible)
- camera connection is slow and sometimes doesn't connect (seems to be better with update)

Does anyone know if the '4K Camera + Gimble' is sold separately?

Neil J.

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