New guy from Ky. Already on 2nd explorer V

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New guy from Ky. Already on 2nd explorer V

Post by Idahitman » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:23 am

Hello to all, I am looking forward to this new venture with drones. I received an Explorer V for a B-day gift from my wonderful wife on 3/17. I have a nephew who has one also. Per his advice I pain stakenly uploaded the newest firmware to the drone and like everyone else (I hope) struggled with calibration dance. Including when starting motors down and out on joysticks not all motors respond..... well after a little more trying I calibrated phone call with nephew :mrgreen: I did get to fly it once briefly 2-3 minutes about ten ft. Off ground with no gimbal (per nephew) and all of a sudden it slants right and dives at about 45 degree angle to the ground no damage . Well next day I try again and it doesn't power up all motors (again). I tried xiro support ......(no disrespect but pathetic) I contact them , they want flight log, etc....tell me case is escalated to tier 2...then I get email message 2 days later... says "I can assure we test all motors at factory..... try "hitting" the propeller to get it running!! If that doesn't work than box it up and sentence to us in California, oh and you g=have to pay to ship and insure.. Well, I can on say to that. I checked with my wife and it was purchased at Amazon and still eligible for return and refund (thank God). So I'm now awaiting the arrival of my 2nd Xplore v . I see on the forum that the seems to be multiple owners who have had problems ... "bad control module" .. I'm not real sure as I'm new to this. Querstion I have is how do you know what firm ware version you have ...AND...when is it wise to update or NOT. Like windows> it is not always wise to update...

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Re: New guy from Ky. Already on 2nd explorer V

Post by qBan » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:06 pm

Hello, im in KY as well, i updated mine with no problems. I've taken it as far as 350 meters out and at 117 meters up. Every once in a while it says wifi disconnected but regains access in a couple of seconds. Make sure you set your home point so it at least can comeback. Also don't make the mistake i did and calibrate compass on mode 1 i stead of 3

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