Frustrated in Ohio

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Concrete B
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Frustrated in Ohio

Post by Concrete B » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:44 pm

Recently purchased an Xplorer v from a friend of a friend. Did the compass dance and took to the air sans gimbal (his advice, because the gimbal is pricy) and it flew very nice. Once home I had no luck connecting the app to the camera. I started updating firmware and man... Working on the drone in that manner is a nightmare. I had to do every pairing the site lists, but I think I have everything corrected now. I suppose as I get used to tinkering that stuff will get easier, as well as diagnosing which process is the one that needs updated.

On the other hand I love this thing in the air. I have a couple $100 quads that are fun but this is such a huge update in capabilities. I'm just now flying with the gimbal installed. Not much time to fly between working 10s, winter sunlight, and weekend projects, but when I get a small break Im excited to get her in the air.

Real quick, how the heck do you initiate auto land? I have no manual

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Re: Frustrated in Ohio

Post by tryonems » Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:02 am

If you press the H (home) button on the remote, it should return near the takeoff point and land. Be sure to calibrate the bird before every (new location) flight to avoid a fly away.

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