LED lights on the xplorer

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LED lights on the xplorer

Post by Hammo131 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:28 am

A few weeks ago, like a few others that I have read looking for a solution to my issue. I was stationary at 21 meters, when the battery dropped from the xplorer... The battery was totally destroyed, along with the camera and gimbal as the xplorer hit the ground. I have replaced the battery and gimbal/camera with new ones. Now when I fly it, I have no LEDs on the xplorer at all. No red or green ones.

I know that this unit landed very heavy on the ground. I have updated the firmware on all the units.

Other then pulling it apart, any ideas?



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Re: LED lights on the xplorer

Post by njmcgregor » Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:50 am

It could be as simple as the led lights or the connections for the led lights inside the drone have either been damaged or separated from the fall, especially for something as substantial as the one you described.

I'd contact Xiro before pulling it apart in case there is any void of warranty issues. You did mention the firmware was done but I have read in a few xiro forums that a couple of people had to redo the firmware a couple of times for it to take in order to fix various issues (including LED lights) after minor crash/falls.

Hope that helps.

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