Xplorer V - Cam change/mods?

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Xplorer V - Cam change/mods?

Postby FTunedAU » 12 Jul 2017, 14:30

I have recently picked up my first ever quad being the Xplorer V and getting the hang of it and enjoying it pretty much.

I Have a question regarding the camera though. An opportunity has arisen to use the V for a specific task in a location with low light conditions at late afternoon / early evening and the camera output - kind of as expected - isnt giving the picture as needed.

Is there anyway to change / modify the existing camera as I assume it doesnt have the capacity for IR. Access to using the Gimbal movement not required.

Was thinking of removing the Gimbal and making up something with its own power source, low lux camera with IR array if needed and own TX for video if nothing can be modified
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Re: Xplorer V - Cam change/mods?

Postby alex » 13 Jul 2017, 08:50

You could purchase the gimbal for the GoPro I think its the G version you can then install what you like on it and there are many mods for GoPro's I would see that being the best solution here.

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Re: Xplorer V - Cam change/mods?

Postby FTunedAU » 15 Jul 2017, 19:10

I didnt even think of that! thank you

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