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by Techshark
27 Nov 2016, 06:20
Forum: Introduce Yourselves
Topic: Hello from Ohio
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Re: Hello from Ohio

Hi Bandit, As you describe is your drone not connected/paired with the gimbal, in that case in will never work. You must be sure to pair the drone with the gimbal and always before any flight calibrate your compass !! if you don't you may encounter some odd surprises. How to connect Xiro Xplorer Cam...
by Techshark
27 Nov 2016, 06:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Xplorer g gimbal crash and fix
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Re: Xplorer g gimbal crash and fix

Hi There Lzykakid, A few months ago i had the same problem and repaired it also myself. With startup i had the same issue as you described . I mailed to Xiro support for what to do next . They advised to reboot the gimbal and install the software again. After I did that i had 4 steady red lights !!!...
by Techshark
13 Nov 2016, 15:23
Forum: Introduce Yourselves
Topic: Hello from the Netherlands
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Re: Hello from the Netherlands

Hello MBstar,

Yeh another dutchie on this forum.
Where are you from ,
Fill in your Profile please.
by Techshark
07 Nov 2016, 15:19
Forum: Accessories / For Sale
Topic: almost every xiropart available
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almost every xiropart available

Hi Eveyone,
I don't know is you all know
but they have a lot of xiro stuff original and cheaper then my supplier in the Netherlands.
maybe worthwhile to take a look.
I bought my handheld there for 73 euro
by Techshark
21 Oct 2016, 03:34
Forum: Broken Repair Help
Topic: Gimbal moves with Stick
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Re: Gimbal moves with Stick

Hi Daniel, Several things you have to check : Are your gimbal and drone paired ? Can you connect with our phone to the extender ? and here m you can download your manual forthe controls The left turnwheel should dim or brighten your leds on the drone. The right turnwheel must turn your gimbal up or ...
by Techshark
20 Oct 2016, 15:54
Forum: Video's and Pics
Topic: RC flying blending with Drone flying
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RC flying blending with Drone flying

Hi there,
just saw this nice vid its worth to take a look.

by Techshark
20 Oct 2016, 06:59
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Range Extender Aerials.
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Re: Range Extender Aerials.

Hi There Guy's , I tried several times to go beyond he 120 meters and it went fine until ..... you want to make picture or movie . My experience in that is bad transmission and loss of connection it came in my case lucky me alright but is was sure a bit scared because it's a hell of a drop from 360 ...
by Techshark
20 Oct 2016, 06:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Disconnect while flying, then light crash..
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Re: Disconnect while flying, then light crash..

Hi there GroundXiro,

Have you checked your HJ file in Xiro assistent ?
you can obtain a lot of information what happend during the flight you lost control over your drone.

You can always contact Xiro and send them your HJ file so they can examine what happend.
by Techshark
26 Sep 2016, 08:25
Forum: Firmware Updates and Software
Topic: Flight Control Firmware
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Re: Flight Control Firmware

He brokenbone,
Did you lock the battery? If not that will be the prolem i think.
I had ik also once and did nothing with firmware but all leds stay dark.